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In April 2013, Pattie Iannitti was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Grade Appendiceal Mucinous Adenocarcinoma - a cancer so rare that fewer than 1,000 people are diagnosed annually.

Since the time of Pattie's diagnosis, her family and friends have rallied - caring for her and her family, making dinners, transporting children, providing shoulders and hugs and wanting to do more... and so the P Strong Fund was born. The purpose of the P Strong Fund is to provide funding through the Carolinas HealthCare Foundation to support the research and treatment of rare and unusual cancers.

You are invited to join the P Strong Fund - and unmask the causes of rare and unusual cancers.

Our Mission


Established in 2013, the P Strong Fund was created to raise funds for appendicial cancer research. Appendix cancer is diagnosed in fewer than 1,000 Americans every year. There has been an insignificant amount of research on this rare cancer, leaving patients without treatment protocols in place. Our mission is to provide funding to allow clinical studies to pave the way for more treatment options and a cure for this disease.



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Contributions Matter

Research to prevent, detect, and treat rare and unusual cancers is tragically underfunded - so there simply is not enough research and treatment options available to people with these types of cancers. Pattie's family and friends are determined to change that.  Your financial contribution will make a very real and significant impact in advancing research and saving lives. Our mission is to raise awareness and funding to help people affected by rare and complex cancers. Donate Now.