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What is PStrong?

In April 2013, Pattie Iannitti was diagnosed with Stage 4 Appendicial  Adenocarcinoma. In the earliest days of her illness, Pattie’s husband, Dave developed the P Strong logo that emerged in the wake of the Boston Marathon Bombing- much like the city’s response to a terrifying and tragic event-a symbol of Pattie’s strength. The logo became a bracelet, a charm necklace, a healing mantra, and a rallying cry to do something more.

Research into rare cancers is so underfunded, that Pattie was treated with a chemotherapy used to target a different type of cancer. Pattie’s individual need as well as the needs of others like her facing this life threatening disease and our determination to bring rare and unusual cancers out of the shadows drove the launch of the P Strong Fund.

Your Support of the P Strong Fund of the Carolinas Healthcare Foundation will fund research to develop better treatments and improve the outcomes for rare and unusual cancers. More importantly, your support will provide hope to people like Pattie who are diagnosed with these vicious diseases.

Alone, we are ordinary people. Together, we will do something extraordinary. Together, we are P Strong.